Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The fake "Robert Pattinson"

Now all you poor unsuspecting fools out there listen up closely...There is a Facebook account where some idiot has nothing else better to do with their time than to pretend to be Robert Pattinson. Now I know that there are many, MANY sites where the "celebrities" are fake but this one is just ridiculous. This guy (or girl) honestly photo shopped Robs face on Wentworth Miller's body and tried to pass it off as the real Rob.
It just baffled my mind because Wentworth has a pretty big fan base himself so why on earth would you use one of his pictures??
Anyway, here is the facebook account so if you are interested in boycotting it you can, or if you simply want to see how retarded these girls are to believe this bullshit. It is honestly unbelievable to me how stupid some people can be.

Fake Profile

I would have put up both pictures for you to see, but someone had made a comment on the pic and it was quite hastily taken down (no surprises there).

Here's the picture of Wentworth:
Wentworth Miller

And another thing, why would "rob" choose one of the gayest pictures of another celebrity that existed??

Just a question...any thoughts?

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